Andrew Wahl

Proud father, handyman of a rustic cottage, fan of Canadian indie rock and Toronto Blue Jays.

Professionally, I'm a content strategist, digital marketer, editor and writer.

My young padawan with his own rolled-up paper lightsaber. #starwars #parenting

Pumpkin pies, complete. Ready for whipped cream. #thanksgiving

Playlist of the set The Constantines played Oct 2 in Toronto. Unfortunately, doesn’t include a version of their closing song, a cover of Lou Reed’s “Temporary Thing”.

(Source: Spotify)

My son is going to lose his mind. Thank you, @jonathan_hines. #lego #starwars

Summer is over. Doom is nigh.

It is currently a beautiful 20 C in Southwestern Ontario tonight. So OF COURSE there is a snow shovel display at the grocery store. Never too soon to start fretting about winter, right?

We Canadians are such optimistic folk.

My Mom, front row in her rural Southwest Ontario one-room schoolhouse, circa 1957. #tbt #ThrowbackThursday

My 6yo son’s totally effective way to stay up past his bedtime? Ask me a lot of questions about Star Wars. Tonight’s very good question: Does Anakin’s force ghost stay with Luke after ROTJ?

Abby figured out how to nap with a pillow today. #goldenretriever

This foxy little fellow boldly sat and groomed itself in the middle of the road that leads from the marina to the highway. #cottage #latergram

Every so often, Facebook timeline just nails its recommendations.

(Click the image to read the story about the woman with no cerebellum.)

Almost home. (at 23 Anstruther Lake Marina)

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